Benefits of Having a Third-Party RV Inspector

Benefits of Having a Third-Party RV Inspector

When you go shopping for an RV, you will realize that there is a lot of equipment and machines that go into creating the vehicle. From electrical to plumbing to mechanical, there are different components that must work perfectly together so that you can have the best RV experience. If you are buying a used RV, you must take into account all these factors before you purchase the RV.

But will you be able to recognize the problems and the potential issues that a used RV might have?

Do you have enough knowledge and understanding of each part of an RV to make an informed decision?

While you may know about some equipment, understanding each one of them is not possible unless you are an RV inspector. And you cannot trust a salesperson to walk you through each and every potential problem that the RV may have. After all, they are trying to sell the RV and wouldn’t want to explain all the minute issues that the RV may have.

This is where RV inspectors come into play. RV inspectors have years of experience with RVs and understand how they operate. They can identify problems and issues in the RV and can help you make an informed decision.

Many of us are not aware of the fact that we can opt for third-party RV inspectors instead of the ones that are suggested by the sellers. But, should you opt for third-party inspectors? Are there any benefits to choosing them?

In this blog, we will talk about the benefits of having a third-party RV inspector and why RV dealers are slow to accept them.

Who are Third-Party RV Inspectors?

As the name suggests, these are the RV inspectors that work independently from the dealers. You can find them online or ask for referrals. These inspectors are not linked with the dealers and have no interest in whether the RV is sold or not. This means that they are not under any contract with the dealers and will tell you clearly about the condition of the RV that you are planning to purchase.

But what if the RV dealer doesn’t allow third-party inspections?

If they don’t, simply walk away from the RV as they might be trying to hide an issue. It can be a minor or a major one, but you should not take any risks. Tell them clearly that you will get the RV inspected by a third-party before you purchase it. Remember, an RV is a big investment and you don’t want to throw your money down the drain by buying an RV that is not worth the price.

How to Choose a Third-Party RV Inspector?

As mentioned before, you will find various RV inspectors online. But how do you find the one that’s right for you?

There are some important factors to consider before choosing any third-party RV inspector. Here are some of these.


You must choose someone who has years of experience working with RVs and understand each part and system inside out. It’s a big purchase and you must be confident while spending so much money on the RV. Therefore, find an RV inspector who knows what they are doing. Ask them about the inspections that they have done. Read their reviews and talk to some of their customers before finalizing any third-party RV inspectors.


It is also important to ask them about their certifications. Choose an RV inspector who is highly qualified. It is best to choose one who is a part of the National RV Inspector Association, which is a professional group of RV inspectors. These RV inspectors are highly trained and professional and are better than someone who is not a part of this group. In addition to being a part of this professional group, they must also have certifications and know what they are doing.

Sample Reports

Before you choose any RV inspector, ask them for sample reports that they have compiled for their previous clients. Review these reports thoroughly and check if they identify and explain the problems and issues and also suggest how these issues can be fixed. Also, see if they have photos of the RV attached in the report.

Follow-Up Inspections

When you are choosing a third-party RV inspector for inspecting an RV that you plan to purchase,ask them if they will be willing to perform follow-up investigations. Also, ask them about their charges beforehand.Since they will be compiling a detailed report on the RV, they understand the problems and issues and will be in a better position to provide follow-up inspections than someone who is looking at the RV for the first time.


Cost is one of the major factors to keep in mind when choosing an RV inspector. Pick one who is experienced and certified but also affordable. You don’t want to spend too much or too little money on the inspection. Decide the budget you have for inspection and then find an RV inspector who fits your budget.

These were some basic considerations before choosing a third-party RV inspector. Just make sure that the RV inspector you are choosing is someone you can trust and has good reviews.

Benefits of Having a Third-Party RV Inspector

Now, what are the benefits of choosing a third-party RV inspector instead of the one that the RV dealer is suggesting?

Honest Inspection

As mentioned before, buying an RV is a big purchase, and you can’t afford to buy one that will cost a lot of money in repair and maintenance later on. Therefore, you need an honest inspection. Choosing a third-party inspector ensures that the advice that they will give you will not be biasedas they don’t have any hidden interests with the dealer. They are independent inspectors and will give you an honest report based on their observations. This means that you will make an informed purchase.

You Can Bargain

When you know that there are some issues with the RV, as the RV inspector has pointed out in their report, you can then bargain the price. You can even ask the RV dealer to make repairs on the parts that the third-party inspector has pointed out.

Informed Purchase

The biggest benefit of hiring a third-party RV inspector for your RV inspection is that you will be making an informed purchase. With a detailed report on the RV, you will know what you are spending money onand whether it is worth it or not. You will also know if there is some major repair work to be done in the vehicle. This way, you will be prepared for it beforehand and will make a decision knowing all the aspects of the RV.

Why Are RV Dealers Slow to Accept Third-Party RV Inspectors?

The main reason whyRV dealers are slow to accept third-party inspectors is that they believe that their sales would drop this way. Since independent inspectors take every little thing into account and provide a detailed report on the health and condition of the RV, it is quite possible that something that the dealers are trying to cover up is exposed. It may lead to a reduction in the overall price of the RV or the RV buyer not buying it at all.

Independent RV inspectors are unbiased, follow a code of ethics and don’t have any financial interest in whether the RV they inspect sells or not. This means that they will give you honest and unprejudiced reviews that you need before making such a big purchase.

The Final Word

Now that you understand the importance of RV inspection and why third-party inspectors are the best choice, choose an RB inspector that will help you make the best decision. Remember, an RV inspector will not tell you if you should buy a particular RV or not, but their inspection report will have enough information to help you decide what is best for you.

These tips to choose the right RV inspector will help you find someone who will inspect the RV in detail and give you a detailedreport on its health and condition. Don’t purchase an RV that requires a lot of repair and maintenance work. You will have to spend a lot of money on it, which will make the RV an even expensive purchase. If you don’t know which RV inspector to choose, you can ask around for referrals or read their reviews online.

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