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NRVIA Inspections for your RV

RV Inspections are like home inspections, evaluating their systems, structure, and safety. They can be performed on all classes of RV. Detailed reports, including 20 to 40 photos, are delivered in PDF format within 24 hours of scheduled inspections, enabling potential owners to make educated decisions on their purchase. For information on systems inspected see the Points of Inspection summary below.

Get your RV inspected is an experienced, unbiased and impartial inspection service that, by our code of ethics, does not have any financial interest in the transaction. The inspections we perform provides detailed information about the current operating condition of the RV you have requested the inspection on. If everything is working and in good operating condition, the report will provide confirmation that what the seller said and what you thought to be true is true. However, in the case where components are not working, degraded or damaged, the report lets you, the purchaser, know the true condition of the RV before the purchase is consummated.

Get your RV Inspected is a NRVIA Level 2 (Advanced) certified RV Inspector. The RV industry does not require licensing to operate an inspection business. We carry commercial Liability Insurance to protect all parties involved in an RV inspection. I am also a registered RV technician thru the RVIA.

The amount of time an inspection can take is dependent on the type of unit and depth of inspection you purchased.   Obviously, more in-depth inspections and fluid sampling are going to take several hours (possibly 4-7 hours)  Basic inspections will take less time.

Most clients should expect to have the report emailed to them within 36 hours following the onsite inspection. Fluid samples will be sent the next day to the lab, the lab reports are usually received in 5 to 6 days from the inspection. Reports will be reviewed by the inspector and send via email to you.

We do encourage clients to be present during the inspection so you may receive the full benefit of having the unit inspected. You can watch as the Inspector completes the inspection and be available to answer questions that the Inspector may have about the unit. Each inspector will have their own requirements for if you are present during the inspection. Please check with them first

We encourage you to make sure that the unit has all utilities connected for a minimum of 12 hours so all systems can be inspected. If you have any owner manuals or appliance manuals, please have those available to the inspector at the beginning of the inspection. Ask your inspector for other items that you can do to help prepare for the inspection.

Internal parts depend on oils and coolants to remain stable between service intervals. Oil and coolant analysis tells you when your oils and coolants experience any signs of early breakdown or contamination. Not only does fluid sampling check them for signs of thermal breakdown, mechanical breakdown or contamination; but, the lab can also check for any indication of internal part wear. Oil and coolant analysis allow you to detect anything that might need your attention long before they can result in road calls, expensive repairs or lost travel time.

Yes. If you decide to continue using our service. Second and third reports will be offered at a 10% discount.

Yes. Discounts are offered to GoodSam members and various other associations.

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