RV Inspection was very professional and knowledgeable on every aspect of the motorhome they inspected for me. Their recommendations were accurate and pointed. Felt very comfortable and assured with the quality of their work. It was peace of mind at it’s best.

Kenneth Guidry

Reese is incredibly professional, very thorough and detailed. Throughout the inspection, he shared tons of info to help orient me to “trailer life” and later produced an extensive report detailing every step of the inspection. In the end, he saved me from the painful experience of buying a “lemon” of an RV. I highly recommend Reese Carter!

Apriel Westmoreland

I wanted to share that I have nothing but positive reviews from RV inspections. The dealership that I work for allows 3rd party mechanical inspections. I have received great compliments on the quality of work for RV inspections. Keep up the good work.

Keshia C

I had a great experience with RV inspections. Reese was very thorough and took the time to answer my questions and explain the intricacies of motorhome operation. I will be a repeat customer.

Jim Murphy

Excellent, professional and honest. Reese’s thorough exam saved us from making a huge mistake on an RV purchase. We would recommend him to others.

David Fleiner

Wonderful experience. I shopped for a Rv but had it inspected first. The gentleman was very kind and professional and did a fantastic job. I feel so much better with the knowledge of making the best choices and everything was in perfect working condition.

Janice Bonier

I recently purchased a 2012 Fleetwood Bounder from Camping World. I had little knowledge of RVs so I was advised to have an RV Inspected. The gentleman performed a very detailed inspection that took 7 hours. Nothing was missed. The fluid analysis gave my husband and I peace of mind that the engine was in good working order. If your in the market for an RV, I highly recommend having the RV inspected before you buy.

S Robinson

If I could give more than 5 stars I would. Reese went well above my expectations. As a first time RV’er, and one biting an RV from a distance, I was very happy with the service he provided. Not only did he do the inspection (74 page report) for me he went back once to PPL because there was not propane in the unit so he could not test. Now the over and above part, Reese suggested I stay in a local RV Park and he stopped by to make sure I was fully briefed on the unit and knew how everything worked. Outstanding! I would highly recommend and would suggest a Big tip.

Bob Brown

One of my customers came in and had a lot of collision damage repaired . They asked if I knew of a third party company that could come out and do a thorough inspection on their camper before they took it out for a family road trip. I didn’t hesitate to mention RV Inspections for the job. About a week later I got a phone call from my customer saying that she couldn’t be more pleased by the services that Reece Carter of RV Inspections provided. I will continue to recommend their services to anyone who’s looking for a Certified and very professional RV Inspector.

Tarnessia Thomas

Very prompt and thorough. Inspector spent two Saturdays with us. Took time to review a number of motorhomes, and completed inspection on the one that we purchased. Would use again in an instant.

Meredith Brewer

I looked and looked for the correct RV for me. This will be my 5th one so I know more than the beginner. I still wanted an inspection and the sale was pending until inspection completed. It takes a couple of days for the fluid check but worth the wait. I find the inspection went well. I would do it again.

Larry Smith

Thank you Mr. Carter for the inspection on a coach showed me potential problems to be aware of. Based on the inspection I passed on that coach and eventually came across this beauty. Thanks again for your help.

Jim Traylor

Had an RV inspected , before buying. Great deal professional and friendly. Definitely will recommend his service.

Eduardo Gil

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