How to Find a Professional RV Inspector - All you need to Know

How to Find a Professional RV Inspector – All you need to Know

So, you want to buy an RV.

Are you sure that you are not buying someone else’s problem?

Most people buy RVs because they want to travel without any problems. But what if you end up buying an RV that has more problems! Thanks to professional RV inspectors, you can save yourself from being in such a situation.

If you want to spend quality time in your RV and don’t want to take it to the mechanic every couple of weeks, then you must get it inspected by a professional and experienced RV inspector. RV inspections have gained popularity over the past few years because the manufacturing quality is declining every passing day. In addition to this, many people don’t take care of their RVs as much as they need. With lack of service, timely repairs and maintenance, the RVs are not in a condition to be taken for long distances, killing the main purpose that they’re bought for.

Thus, most of the RV buyers turn to RV inspectors before making the big purchase, and rightly so. Getting the RV inspected by a professional inspector is always a good idea. You can go on and buy the RV if the inspector is satisfied with it. Most of the people make their purchase contract contingent on a satisfactory inspection. This means that you can cancel the contract if you don’t like the inspection. You will be able to get your deposit back and just walk away from the deal since the RV inspection didn’t meet your expectations.

If you are still interested in purchasing the RV, you can negotiate with the seller on the price or ask them to make repairs before you go on and complete the purchase process.

If you agree to accept the RV as is at the price even after the inspection, a good RV inspector will give you valuable information about how you will need to plan your future maintenance and repairs. While they will not blatantly tell you to buy or not to buy an RV, they will give out enough information about the vehicle so that it is easy for you to make an informed decision.

How to Get the Most of an RV Inspection?

While highly experienced RV inspectors make sure that they do the job professionally, it is still better to be present during the time of inspection. An inspection usually lasts 4-8 hours. It may take longer depending on the size of the RV, the condition it is currently in and the number of questions you ask. It is always better to come prepared so that you can ask the right questions and get the most out of the RV inspection.

It is important to keep in mind that an RV is a complex vehicle, in addition to being a huge one. An RV inspector knows an RV inside out and can give you valuable knowledge and information about its different parts. Ask the RV inspector about the appliances, jacks and slides. When you are with them at the inspection, you will be able to learn a lot about the vehicle you are about to purchase.

While an RV inspector will not give out the estimates on maintenance and repair, owing to the strict code of ethics, they will give you an idea about whether the RV requires a little or a lot of repair and maintenance work.


Who Is a Good RV Inspector?

There are so many RV inspectors out there that finding the best one is an ordeal in itself. A good inspector is one who has the right tools for inspection. The main task of an RV inspector is to look for all the information that they can find about the RV that can help the buyer make an informed decision. The most important tools an RV inspector must have include a moisture meter, a temperature gauge and a manometer. A highly experienced and qualified inspector will also make use of tools such as an engine diagnostic tool that can help them read and clear engine faults. While this tool may not be used by all the inspectors, if your inspector is using it, you can be sure that they are using the latest technology. You will get a great service and an accurate inspection from these inspectors.

How Long Does It Take?

It is important to ask the inspector about how long it will take for the reports to come before you hire them. While most of these inspection reports are delivered within a few days, some may take longer owing to the different fluid sample tests that take a bit longer. These tests require the fluid samples from the RV to be sent to a lab for testing.

Whichever inspector you choose, make sure that they deliver their report on time as dealers don’t hold an RV unit for too long if they find another customer.

How to Find the Best RV Inspector?

You must have gained a lot of information about RV inspectors from the above discussion. However, the main question is, how to choose the best RV inspector? Are there any specific things you should look for when choosing one?

Let us help you out. Here are some important tips on finding the right RV inspector.

1. Choose Someone Who Allows You to Be Around for Inspection

A good RV inspector will always want their clients to be there during the entire time of the inspection. This not only allows the inspector to share important information about the vehicle there and then, but also allows the client to ask the questions they may have in mind related to the RV. In fact, clients are encouraged to ask questions to get as much information as they can about the maintenance and repairs of the RV.

2. Ask for a Sample Report

Before you choose an RV inspector, it is important to ask them for sample reports. Good RV inspectors will have their previous reports for review. When reviewing these reports, it is important to check if they identify the defects, explain the cause and why it matters and suggest how the defect can be fixed. Photos are also an important part of all RV inspection reports.

3. Ask for Their Certifications

The National RV Inspector Association is a professional RV inspectors group that has highly qualified and experienced inspectors. Make sure that you ask them if they are a part of NRVIA or any other professional inspectors group. Choosing an inspector from one of these professional groups indicates a degree of training and professionalism that any random inspector may not be able to provide. Also, ask them if they have proper certifications to do this job.

4. Ask for Their Experience

The more experienced an RV inspector is, the better they will be at their job. Ask them about the years of experience they have. Also, ask them about the number of inspections they have done until now and if they have taken any specialized courses. It is important to choose someone you will feel comfortable with as they are the ones who will be answering your questions and explain their report to you. Thus, it is very important to choose someone who you get along with well.

5. Check if They Have Insurance

While this is not necessary, it is best to choose an RV inspector who has insurance. Good inspectors usually have a property damage liability insurance and some of them may also carry errors and omission insurance. It is best to ask them about the insurance, if any, that they provide so that you can take your decisions accordingly.

6. Ask if They Can Do Follow-Up Inspections

If you decide to buy an RV after inspection and it needs repairs, ask the inspector if they will be willing to perform follow-up inspections once you have made the repairs. Also, ask them about how much they will charge for a follow-up inspection. Since they know about the vehicle from the get-go and have prepared a report for it before as well, it is best that they are chosen for the follow-up inspection too, if needed.

RV inspections are very important if you are planning to buy an RV. In fact, it is becoming a norm as more people are buying RVs these days. With the internet coming into the picture, the number of RV inspectors has also increased, and they have become more accessible. However, this also makes choosing the best RV inspector quite a task.

With the tips mentioned above, we hope that you will be able to make an informed decision when it comes to choosing an RV inspector. Make sure the one you choose is very experienced and affordable and makes you feel comfortable as there will be a lot of questions and answers during the inspection procedure.

Always choose reliable and trustworthy RV inspectors. Ask around for references to make sure that you get the best possible service that helps you make an informed decision when you are buying an RV.


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